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Raging for three days and three nights of storm finally stopped, KD Shoes 2015 a rescue helicopter flew back to base from the vast snowfields, two hours later, a television news spots: the KD 9 Shoes besieged snowstorm archery training team has found, missing one person is reported missing persons is a national archery champion Lee and now authorities are full search and rescue.

   A week later, Kobe shoes 2015 and trained search and rescue team found the bow and arrow, but people have been absent altogether, as yet another snowstorm approaching, search and rescue teams had to give up on Lee and looking.

   A year later, KD 9 Shoes and the name will be gradually been forgotten.

   KD Shoes 2015 winds and clouds wide, Kobe shoes 2015 sand stone frozen horseshoe mouth off.

   Tempo Anxi February 2005 is still in the world of ice and snow, the snow-capped mountain range stands in the Tang Ling border, white clouds floating in the snow halfway, a seat Xuefeng like a dolphin blue gem in the sun gleaming and shining bright light.

   KD 9 Shoes mountains in the middle of a mountain pass called Boda Ridge, here is the big KD Shoes 2015 four towns a shortcut leading to the broken leaves, crushed leaves is called Tao, then Xuanzang westbound learn, from here to climb Mount Ling exit, dangerous tragic, avalanche and storm, and after seven days before death confrontation out of the Kobe shoes 2015 Mountains.